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Supervised Group Play All Day Long!

Your dog can play with friends instead of sitting home all alone and bored. Instead of chewing on your shoes, your pet will chew on our toys. When you come home from a long day, guess who'll be pooped, too! Ours is a totally crate-free environment. Dogs are carefully grouped by size and temperament for a full day of group interaction and they're always supervised by our experienced staff.  In addition to multiple play sessions in our large yards throughout the day, all pups enjoy private indoor/outdoor suites during rest time.  All suites include off the floor kuranda beds, fresh bedding, and plenty of water and snacks.  Each private indoor room adjoins an outdoor patio space for all pups to soak in additional sunshine and fresh air among their playcare sessions.

Available Monday-Friday.  Regular boarding rates apply based on weekend occupancy

Daycare Options:

Full Day - $35 (drop off between 7:30-9:00am, pickup by 5:30pm)

5 Day Prepaid Pass - $165 ($33 per day)

10 Day Prepaid Pass-  $310 ($31 per day)

20 Day Prepaid Pass-  $540 ($27 per day)

Half Day - $22 (drop by 7:30 am and pickup by 11:30) or

                         (drop off after 11:30 am and pickup by 4:30 pm)

Please Note:

▸Signed waivers are required for enrollment.

▸Time outside is weather dependent.

▸︎Dogs must be neutered or spayed to attend if older than 9 months.

▸All dogs must be current on distemper and rabies vaccines.

▸Cherry Brook Kennels reserves the right to turn away

   any dog unsuitable for this environment.

▸Only dog-friendly dogs will be allowed to

   participate in group play.

Troy & Ivona Koppel

490 Cherry Brook Rd

Canton, CT 06019

(860) 693-4658

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