What Service Does My Pet Need?


  • Your dog professionally bathed and catered to their needs with special shampoos such as:  skin therapy,  flea and tick, hypoallergenic, etc.

  • Gentle hand dry (using cotton balls or a hoodie to protect the ears), brush out and de-shed

  • Toe nails trimmed, ears cleaned and hair plucked from the ear canal if your breed requires such

  • Pads and sanitary area tidied up

Partial groom:

A partial groom includes everything listed above for a bath plus the following.

  • Face, head, feet and tail tidied up

  • Skirt line trimmed

Full groom:

A full groom includes everything listed above but your dog is getting the works, which includes a haircut off the entire body. This would be any breed specified pattern all the way to a smooth clip.

Pricing is based on the breed standard style.  Please call the office for our starting price based on your breed.  The price given is not a guaranteed price.  If your pet is matted, tangled, heavily shedding or uncooperative, the price does go up, depending on your dogs needs.

We have top of the line grooming equipment to aid in the comfort of those pets with hip or back issues, or those who can't stand for very long.  If your pet has tracheal issues, we do groom without a loop.  Please be sure to bring any medical issues your pet might have to the staffs attention at check in.


Trim and Style appointments are by appointment only.  Please call the office @ 860-693-4658 to schedule.

Add Ons:

Nails $10

Nail & File $15

Plum Facial Special: $18 includes facial, teeth brushing, nail file

Furminator Special: $20 includes teeth, nail file, up to 30 min de-shedding treatment

Baths starting price: $55 and up

Demat/Detangle: $15 every 15 minutes

Flea Dip: $25

DeSkunk: Starting at $75 and up


Additonal Information

Heavily matted dogs always require extra attention. Matted dogs are at higher risk for getting skin infections, flea infestations, and being sick.  It is safer for your matted pet to be clipped down then to have tightly woven mats on their body. Matted dogs can hold water and this can cause your pet to catch cold and become sick, even if it is an inside pet.

Regular grooming of your pet can help to ensure that matting will not become a problem. We offer anti-flea and tick shampoo and Advantage applications for an additional cost upon request. 

We are firm believers that safety always comes first.  Some pet’s require special attention or may take longer to get used to the grooming process and for this we ask for your patience and understanding that it may take several attempts to get a new puppy adjusted, an older dog groomed, or a challenging dog finished. This helps to ensure that your pet will have a pleasant experience for future grooming. 

All pricing is based on the hands-on time we spend grooming your pet. The size, condition and temperament of your pet are determining factors in final price.

For the safety of our employees and your pets, we reserve the right to refuse service to any animal or person.

Appointments, late and rescheduling policy:

All pets must be at least 12 weeks of age and current on all required vaccinations.

Please be sure when you book your appointment to let us know if you have any time concerns.  We can call you when your pet is ready for pick up unless a pre-arranged time has been discussed. 

Please be on time to avoid a back up of other appointments and having your pet moved to another time or rescheduled.  Please give us 24 hours notice or as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.  

Grooming Details

***Please let us know if your pet has any allergies, skin and health issues before their appointment ***